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Singer/Songwriter | Indie Rock, Folk, Americana


Luna Slater has a unique sound with flavors of folk, blues and indie rock. She mixes classic and traditional sounds and concepts in a novel way that produces an original sound with familiar undertones. Her lyrics are insightful, poetic and versatile. She has a vast array of moods expressed in one show or album. One minute she is humorous and the next melancholy; from sexy to eerie, joyous to analytical; no one knows what to expect. She manages with all this diversity, to stay in the comfortable range of appreciation for the typical bar and restaurant crowd, but also is capable of entertaining those who are wildly creative and distinct.

Luna Slater has written very many profound and fun original songs but also has enough cover song material to do a whole show without even one of her own in the mix. She prefers a pretty equal balance between the two, but can do a completely original show or a show of only recognized favorites of the folk and classic rock variety upon request of a particular business or if suitable for a certain occasion. She has impressed fans of country, punk rock, folk, alternative, classic rock and female vocalists. When directed any certain way; she is quite content to please the people she is with and have a good time doing so.

Luna Slater has a bachelor’s degree in creative writing and is a self taught/internet taught musician of over twenty years of experience. She cares about humanity, nature and travel as is expressed in her music. She plays guitar and sings her heart out. Sometimes she is accompanied by others but often is a solo act. If you give this soulful, brave and spunky upcoming singer/songwriter a chance; you won’t regret it. She has cds for sale and lots to say!


Darlin' by Luna Slater

Music Video Depicting Wildchild named Darlin chasing the path of self-destruction.

Audio Tracks

City of New Orleans

From the album "Faves From The Graves"


From The Album "Lunaverse"

House of the Rising Sun

From the album "Faves From The Graves"

Always On My Mind

From the album "Faves From The Graves"


From the album "Lunaverse"

Testimonials & Press

Date Details Price Link
Memorial Day Show - Taos Ale House $150
Luna Slater at Rolling Stills Lounge $150
“Darlin” Official Music Video Release Party $150
Luna Slater @ Taos Ale House - Taos Ski Valley $150
Luna Slater @ Taos Ale House - Taos Ski Valley $150
Playing at the Dragon Room! - Downtown Santa Fe, NM $150
Gutters Bowling Alley - Taos, NM $150
Tribal Visions Festival - Santa Fe, NM $150

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